Colinear Machine & Design, Inc. was founded in 1988 by John San Giacomo Jr. in Orange, NJ. In 1995 the company relocated to a larger facility in Wharton, NJ.  Due to customer demand we soon outgrew that space.  We moved once again in May 2004 to our current location, a brand new building at 7 Wilson Drive in Sparta, NJ.

In 2011, Colinear Machine & Design, Inc., reached a major milestone.  Our customers many years of our limited capability demands were finally met as we were approved for ISO9001 certification.  We have made significant strides in creating a respected name among the specialty shops that can meet the stringent standards of this demanding industry. Colinear Machine & Design, Inc.,    As we forge ahead in this new and exciting realm, we continue to support our large commercial customer base of OEMs with the improved workflow procedures and quality principles this certification has guided us toward.

Since 2011, Colinear Machine & Design, Inc., has grown about 30% in terms of personnel and work capacity. 70+ hours of weekly production combined with 20+ machining centers with multi-axis capability allow us to produce thousands of parts every week of superlative quality that meet exacting specifications. Our extensive network of heat treaters, platers, painters and NDT houses help us to make parts complete to print, saving our customers the hassle of additional handling.

Competitive pricing and lead times complement our knowledgeable staff and well-rounded offering of services.